Setting Sail on a Digital Voyage

A new dawn is breaking over the maritime industry, marked by a wave of innovation spurred by digital transformation. Emerging technologies, especially in the domain of renewable energy systems like solar panels and onboard battery storage, are reshaping the sector.
At the forefront of this revolution is ICELTalk, a Conversational AI tool by ICEL, designed to elevate energy efficiency and optimize ship performance.

Taking the Helm of Energy and Emission Management

ICELTalk isn’t just a monitoring tool; it’s a navigational aid for energy management. Real-time insights about the ship’s energy storage system, battery charge levels, and energy flows keep you informed and in control. Yet, its capabilities don’t end here.

By utilizing historical data, ICELTalk anticipates future energy needs, aiding in strategic planning. For instance, it can project when batteries will require recharging based on past usage and current conditions, proving an invaluable tool in optimizing energy use, particularly in route planning.

The real power of ICELTalk comes into play with its holistic approach to energy and emission management. Real-time electricity prices, weather forecasts that could impact solar energy production, and predictions of onboard energy demand are all at your fingertips. This empowers ship owners to develop strategies that balance costs with CO2 emissions, contributing to the pursuit of sustainable shipping practices.

Navigating the Waters of Performance-based Compensation

In the wake of a rising trend of linking ship officers’ compensation to energy savings, the demand for data-driven insights to steer decision-making has never been more critical.

Traditional systems often fail to deliver such insights, hamstrung by the complexity of raw data and cumbersome dashboards. Here, ICELTalk, powered by conversational AI, charts a new course.

Anchoring Success with ICELTalk’s Remote Performance Monitoring

ICELTalk’s true transformative potential becomes vivid in the arena of remote performance monitoring. Its conversational interface streamlines the traditionally intricate task of comparing ship performances. Questions like, “What was the energy consumption on Ship A compared to Ship B?” or “How did the weather conditions impact Ship A’s performance?” are answered instantly, ushering in an era of efficient remote monitoring and comparative analysis.

ICELTalk’s brilliance lies in its ability to distill actionable insights from raw data. It helps unravel why one ship may outperform another in terms of energy efficiency. By posing the right questions, you can identify whether superior performance is attributed to an officer’s proficiency, weather conditions, energy prices on a specific day, the type of route, among other variables.


The ability to converse with your data via ICELTalk revolutionizes the maritime industry, opening up new horizons of understanding, innovation, and optimization. As we set sail into this digital future, the question for maritime operators isn’t whether they can afford to adopt ICELTalk, but rather, can they afford not to?

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